Your corporate image is more than just a name; make a first impression each time with professional cleaning services by Korporate Kleaning.

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At Korporate Kleaning, our customers have come to trust and expect professional, consistent cleaning with every visit. And our goal is to deliver that quality every time.

Since 1999 our goal has been to provide dedicated, dependable, first-rate construction, building and office cleaning services from small business to large companies throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware.
If you need professional contract commerical cleaning we're available today. 
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services you can count on are:

  • Consistent, thorough cleaning every time
  • Flexible cleaning plans
  • Increased safety and security
  • Maximizes return on cleaning investment
  • Modern cleaning equipment and dedicated commercial cleaning products
  • Performs minor repairs preventing them turning into big ones
  • Professional integrity
  • Reduced building maintenance costs
  • Reliable cleaning personnel

Customized Cleaning Schedule

Because each business has specialized cleaning needs, we customize a cleaning schedule and program to fit your specific cleaning needs.

Certificate of Membership

We have a track record of success.

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Cleaning Is Our Business
When you set out to find a cleaning service for your building or office, you want the best. That is what we strive to deliver.
Our industrial cleaning and janitorial services have your satisfaction as their main goal. This is why we put for the effort into completing the cleaning of your office or building the right way every time. We serve the entire Pennsylvania area too.
Like The First Time
You may have noticed that some companies provide you with excellent cleaning services the first time they clean your building. Unfortunately, the quality may then taper off over time. This is not right, and you deserve better.
We aim to do high quality cleaning work every single time we perform our services at your office or building. We do not accept less than the best possible cleaning job because we believe that you deserve nothing but the best. Whether it is floor polishing, laboratory cleaning, floor restoration, or any of our other cleaning services, we strive for excellence. That is the job that you hire us to do.

Flexible Cleaning Plans
We also offer flexible cleaning plans. Your cleaning needs may not be consistent from week to week so we work with you. We want to help you with what you do need so that our services can be as effective as possible.
We can tailor our services to your needs to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible. This can help to maximize the results that you get out of our cleaning services because you will be receiving our services anytime you need them.
Reliable Personnel And Cleaning Equipment
Our reliability starts with our staff. We have personnel who you can count on with all your cleaning needs. A cleaning service is of no use to you if you cannot depend on them so we make sure that you can depend on us every single time you receive our janitorial services. Industrial cleaning needs to be done right and that begins with our quality personnel.
It continues with our equipment. Our modern cleaning equipment and products mean that we have the tools to get the done right. With dependable personnel using dependable equipment, a job done well becomes a sure thing.
Our industrial cleaning services are perfect for your office or building anywhere in Pennsylvania. Your business may be large or small. Either way your needs are important to us. We get the job done the right way every time.

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Membership in BSCAI Makes Us A Cut Above The Rest

Our company delivers the quality of service that you expect in a building contractor. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our membership in Building Service Contractors Association International and our customers.